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Two college lovers who broke up over the Vietnam war meet 40 years later on a wilderness island in Ontario, wondering what's left of their lives and why they never got over each other.

It was supposed to be a few days of exploring and reminiscing, but it became an assignation for the ages and the ultimate test of courage and grit.

Set in Ontario's magnificent Quetico Provincial Park, the jewel of the Canadian Shield wilderness, Alone on the Shield explores the meaning of the Vietnam war for those who fought it and those who fought against it, and contrasts their lives with those who were untouched by it.


Alone on the Shield is a brilliant, hard look into the mirror of our pasts in which our new, ideal selves break free from their old molds and casts. Mr. Landers’ powerful, sweeping journey into the Canadian wilderness takes readers through trials of self-reflection, endurance and discovery to find what matters most in life—loves, hatreds and ideal selves. A true joy to read.”

—Ross Ritchell, author of The Knife

“Kirk Landers has written a kind of Deliverance set in the wilderness of Canada, though instead of Hillbilly horror, the memorable heroes of this novel—a man and woman rediscovering love in late middle-age—confront demons of their own making.  Rich in suspense, place, and character.”

—Lin Enger, author of The High Divide and Undiscovered Country

“Alone on the Shield is tense and dramatic, absorbing from beginning to end, one of those precious tales that manages to be both a page-turner and a thoughtful novel of great depth and resonance.”
Starred review, Booklist

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